Free DIAMONDS in free fire

Hello Guys, Welcome to my blog once again!! So today I am going to make the elite pass preorder blog… And first of all, I would like to thank all of you because… We’ve hit milestones…

And this time also, a plane is flying nearby…Please go fast plane… And thank you so many guys for… As I told you guys before that I will make a gameplay video with facecam after… So.

I am in front of a green screen and I am feeling weird… I am feeling shy… Thank you so much for …… And that’s why I am doing a blog for you guys… And our elite pass preorder is going to be available in 1 minute from now…

And till then I will talk with you guys… So today I topped up some diamonds that’s why I am going to receive that remote as a reward…. And I also got a Bingo key… So I have to go fast to the emotes section and change it. Don’t invite me guys, please… Where is that chair emote

😀 Which one should I replace?? So our elite pass season 11 preorder is here so I am going to preorder the elite pass now. See guys, there is nothing showing up, only 750 diamonds are being shown…wth… Okay, I am going to restart my game once… Has preorder come or not??? it has come, it has come, it has come….. Oh, so what do we have in reward for preorder…

.Dragon’s egg… Maybe it’s a bag?? Only this much?? 😀 Okay, I have completed the preorder…. As most of you may already know, with preorder we get some exclusive reward, with 50 badges after the elite pass release in 750 diamonds… Oh okay so actually its a grenade skin…..not a bag XD

Okay, so I am going in collections and then weapons… It was showing up here before but I didn’t care…I am sorry… Grenade skin…see what it’s like…Is this what dragons egg looks like?? Anything… So this is the reward of elite pass season 11 preorder … So now I am going to show you how the grenade looks in the game… Please just give me a grenade,

I don’t need anything else… I just need a grenade to show it and then I will die… The plane is also flying so slowly, go fast… Don’t kill me guys I just need a grenade… There are guys everywhere…Where should I go?

No one went there…I should go there… One guy is also coming from there….. Don’t kill me, don’t make me sandwich guys. So we have grenade skin in this new elite pass preorder waaah!! Don’t kill me, please… See I can’t find a grenade… There were so many enemies in Bimashakti….Not so many but just two lol Please don’t kill me… Guys, please don’t kill me. Recording Issue Idk why lol What should I do?

Should I kill myself in the game?? There is no purpose on surviving now. I just had to show the grenade so I came back from the game….. This much for today…See you in the next video… And the dogs are also barking I will try to make better videos with facecam gameplay… And guys thank you so much for …

Keep the support and love like this… What else should I say..? I am feeling shy to talk to the camera… Those of you who watched this video…Preorder the elite pass if you want to, there is just grenade skin as reward…do not preorder if you don’t want to 🙂


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